Monday, November 3, 2014

The Joys of Rural Internet

I was trying, I really was, I signed up  for Blogher's  NaBloPoMo, promising to post everyday in November and then the internet went down on me on day two. Sigh
We have to live in the only county in the United States that doesn't have access to some sort of Cable. We are left to the mercy of the phone company, while we do have DSL now, the first two years we lived here we had dial up. Yes you read that right Dial up! I didn't know that even was an option anymore.
In the county's defense they are trying to help and give us another option but I don't know if it is any better than what we are currently subjected to by the phone company. They are putting in a WiFi system on the county's water towers. So if you can see or are in a certain radius of these towers you have the ability to get on this system, for a price of course. Is sounds fairly archaic but necessary since the local Middle and High School were given a grant by a former Senator's foundation (that has since been to court and created a bit of drams for the country and not to mention the state) to make sure every student had a laptop to use at school and also bring home to do homework and research with.
Having said all that I plan on subjecting you to another post later today to hold myseld accountable to the total amount of posting for the month if not the correct days..

I really can't be living in the only county or state with this sort of problems, Can I? make me feel a bit better and tell me about your rural internet issues..