Saturday, November 8, 2014

Taking a Saturday for Me

After seven straight Saturdays of markets, bazaars and other events, I'm taking a weekend off from selling. And what I am I doing, I'm going to take advantage of this awesome fall weather and visit a new farmers market and then on to a Holiday Sale about an hour away. I know you would think that I would run the other way and try to enjoy something other than what we've been doing for the last eight months. But alas I'm digging in enjoying the fruits of everyone else's labors instead of my own.

I do have another full time job and I can guarantee you if an opportunity to do something related to   that job came up on my day off, I would run in the other direction, quickly! But I love the craftier side of my life and I enjoy spending as much time as I can immersed in it. I'm always interested in seeing what others are working on and talking about my projects of which there is always a wide variety.

Or it could be because I have so many items started at home that I just need a break from? Nah, never that! I think it could be chalked up to just enjoying the season, even if it is a bit early for Christmas in my opinion. I am looking for ideas for Gift Baskets that I would like to offer for the Christmas Holidays. Not that preserves, spreads and crochet aren't awesome enough on their own I thought I would look around for other crafters that are looking to get the word out about their products. Surely there are plenty of other types of crafts that would go great in a themed basket. Girl's night in, Tea for Two and Window Sill Gardens are a couple of ideas I'm kicking around. I'll have to see whats new for the season and put some ideas together. We have been kicking around an idea for a Crafters Co-op in our area for a while but that's info for another post..

Get out and enjoy the awesome weather before the cold sneaks in. Stop by some shows, or set up one of your own. Let's get the word out that Handcrafted and Local is the best idea for the holidays and everyday, Too!