Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Photo Bombing on the Farm

A few day ago we had one of those really great early Fall days. We don't get too much Fall here. We seem to go from really hot to kinda hot to freeze warnings. So when we get a nice sunny day that isn't above 85 we try to get out and enjoy it.

While I was just sitting out back talking to the Chickens and enjoying nature I thought that I would try and get a few good picture of them for my instagram account. There in lies my problem. Generally if you aren't feeding them (or the cats) or directly talking to them they tend to ignore you. Quietly I get down on their level and pull out the camera, and there they are, all up in your face trying to figure out what interesting thing you are up to. Curiosity is not a domain limited to cats.

I waited until they had wandered a bit away and I here's my first shot. Not too bad, chickens being chickens. Holy Cow! I just saw Yoda there in the background waving, great, now the cats are bombing me too. Check out the crazy cat on the left,

Then I think they start to catch on that something is going on. I swear they think they are posing for the next issue of Backyard Chickens.

Then just as I think things are going well, I get this. And in all honesty I shouldn't have been surprised, she thinks she should be the center of attention at all times. And did I mention she is the complainer..Diva Chicken we call her,

So I try for one last group shot, they are never all in the same area at once. And Ookami just happens to pick that moment to wander by..There are Chickens behind that fuzzy head.
And he even has the nerve to smile for the camera. The Diva has been upstaged! 

Do you have a photo bombing animal at your house too? We can't be the only one with this

Hope you are enjoying your Fall Days too.