Friday, October 31, 2014

But it's only Six...

That's how it all started. We moved from the coast to about an hour and a half inland. Yeah we both grew up with Grandparents that farmed and we had great memories of that time, couldn't we just recreate a bit of those by gone days... and that's where we started with a tiny garden and six baby chickens from a local store.

They were so cute, silly and brave all at the same time, I was determined to make them pets, so have them love me as much as I loved them. I gave them names to fit their personality, we raised them in the house and it was crazy stressful when they went out for the first night to their newly build Coop.

They survived and are happily running around terrorizing the gardens and the other animals. But the issue is that that that those six have turned into almost 35!. Yes 35! We have entered a whole new level of Chicken Wrangler, so beware, when they are selling you those yellow balls of fluff they know that you will be back for more and all of the extras that they need. They should have a sign on those corrals that say CAUTION- Chickens are Addictive....kinda like potato chips you just can't have one or six.

The do work for their living, laying eggs and eating the ants and other bugs around the house and in the garden. They won't be dinner.. ever, I know some disagree about this but they are truly pets and they have their own personalities.. just wait you'll see..

Thursday, October 30, 2014

So what's in a Name?

This Blog is technically for Our Greene Acre and it's products but a bit craft and general farm craziness will work it's way in too, just to round it out and give you an idea what it's like to live on a Micro Farm.

So who and what makes up Our Greene Acre?
 Chris and I are the lead chicken feeders, gardeners and Preservers, (is that a word?). We have a small piece of a farm in Rural Eastern North Carolina.
 Instead of using Our Greene Acre as the blog name I wanted something that related to our life on the farm. So Cluck Cluck Buzz was born, it's a play on the kids game Duck Duck Goose. The game starts off calm with a bit of excitement, you're waiting on the game to start (which is about like waiting on the sprouts to spring up) then someone jumps up and runs around and around the circle frantically trying to make it back to the vacant spot before the original person (which relates to the growing season, there is always something else that needs to be taken care of) and then the person who didn't regain the spot starts it all over again (kinda like you can't believe that it's planting/harvest/canning season AGAIN). It's a bunch of laughs, dashing around and making friends, just like living on a farm and selling your produce, preserves and crafts.

Welcome to our Blog, Take off your coat, grab a stool and hang around for some fun!