Friday, November 21, 2014

Fall has Fallen a bit short

I swear we went straight into winter around here as well the rest of the county but seriously this is the South! We live here for a reason, frost we don't mind because you need a little to make the collards taste better for Thanksgiving, but we do enjoy our Fall weather. Cool nights and warm days. Just nice enough to sleep with the windows open and work outside during the day. This year we skipped all that. We didn't even get a chance to see the leave change much around here, they are still green when they froze and fell off. Speaking of which when I left the house yesterday there were a few leaves down. Today I leave and the ground is covered, with green leaves! See them, they are GREEN!

Bob is seriously concerned about this turn in the weather. He is not appreciative of the crinkling noise when he is trying to sneak up on the mice. I think that look says "Make sure you take care of this mess this weekend!"

Sorry Bob maybe if it doesn't rain on Sunday I'll take care of them for you. They are headed to the garden to become mulch, nothing goes to waste around here. I hear that the temperature will be heading out of the teens and back into the high 50's. That we can handle, but I do miss getting to see the leaves turn and all of the great colors.Here's to getting back to normal November weather and leave January weather in January. Hopefully the crazy cold then warm ups won't do too much damage to the garden either.

If nothing else it encourages people to bundle up, which is good for