Canned Items are Here

Let me start off by saying all items are seasonal and the best of all they are LOW Sugar. We often have a small amount left after the end of the season but that's not always the case. I will try to make sure that I mark the items that are out of stock and when they might be back in stock. We absolutely are interested in hearing about special requests* and large orders. YES! we will mail your order.

All Jams, Butters and Condiments are available in 1/2 Pints.
There is a limited amount of  4 oz jars with each batch and Pints are available during the season by request.
Salsas, Chutneys, Pickles and other Pickled Items are available in Pints normally and 1/2 Pints or Quarts upon request.

*If you are thinking about placing a Specialty order plan ahead due to the seasonality of the product. We'd hate for you to miss out on those too cute 4 oz jars of  Strawberry Jalapeno Jam for your Engagement Party in October because you didn't order until September.. Personalized labels are available also!

4 oz. $2.50                        1/2 Pints $ 4.00               Pints $6.00
Updated as of 11/26/14

Fruit Butters
Apple Butter
Blueberry Apple Butter
Caramel Apple Butter
Brown Sugar Apple Butter
Peach Butter
Pear Putter
Banana Foster Butter
Holiday Butter (Apples, Rhubarb, Cranberry and spices)
Apple Sauce

Regular Fruit Jams
Fig Strawberry
Peach Vanilla
Irish Peach
Spiced Blueberry (Cinnamon and Nutmeg)
Black & Blue Jam (Blackberries and Blueberries with Ginger)
Strawberry Rhubarb^
Concord Grape

Savory and Peppered
Onion Rosemary
Candied Jalapenos^
Strawberry Balsamic^
Strawberry Rhubarb Rosemary^
Peach Habanero Basil^
Fig Jalapeno^
Strawberry Jalapeno#
Blackberry Jalapeno^
Pepper Jelly
Jalapeno Jelly
Hot Pepper Jelly
Raspberry Jalapeno^

Pickles Items
Pickled Beets#
Pickles Brussels Sprouts (Fall Crop has been canned)
Squash Pickles*
Watermelon Pickles^
Jalapeno Dill Pickles#
Pepper Relish^
Chow Chow#

Tomato Based Salsas
Five Pepper (Really Hot) ^
Pineapple #
Peach #

Stewed Tomatoes# - In Quart Jars 5.00

^ Low Inventory Available
#Out of Stock until next season