Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Shhh... I think it heard us!

A few weeks ago we were in the backyard talking about the things that needed to be done before it got too cold.

  •  Chicken coops need new litter
  • One coop needs a new Latch on the door
  • Peach and Pear trees need to be pruned back into order
  • The grapevine needs a new support added
  • Hay bales need to be picked up so they can be ready for spring planting
  • Spread the Alpaca and Horse poop over the garden
  • Trim the Kiwi Vine
  • dig up the SunChokes
  • and so on and so on
So last night I got home a bit early and I wanted to check on the Sunchokes that are in the back garden, we'll be harvesting them soon, just waiting for a good frost first. I snuck  around the barns instead of walking through the yard and upsetting the chickens/cats/dogs and came up on the Arctic Kiwi Vine first. It really has taken over and is heading towards the bee hives. The bees might not mind having the flowers a bit closer this spring but before they know it they'll be covered! This stuff is worse than Kudzu. I think it might be the pile of Alpaca poop we planted it in four years ago.

I checked on the Sunchokes and they are doing great, so then I'm heading back to the house. No need to be quiet or sneaky this time, since I have already been spotted by the dogs who are sounding the alarm, chickens are already heading to bed by this time since it's about dark. And when I get to the fence what do I see but this..

That Kiwi is trying to tie up the gate! At first I'm amused that it has made it his far down but then I think oh no, it heard us talking about giving it a major trim and it's trying to thwart what it sees as an upcoming attack! I quickly untangle the gate and make sure it knows we've got plenty to do this winter and I'm fairly sure that job has fallen off the list for this year. I may have won this round but I'm not sure if I have won the war. We'll be sure to keep an eye on it in the near future, and I think we'll schedule the planning discussions for the front yard..