Tuesday, April 28, 2015

X Marks the Garden Spot

The A to Z Blogging Challenge is drawing to a close but we have a few letters left. Today is X and I was thinking that it would be a real stretch to find something to write about.  When I think about X for some reason I think X games and generation X but I'll stretch a bit and use it for X marks the Garden Spot.

I think the reason I thought about that was that we have a local summer festival in the next town over called Garden Spot Festival, not to be confused with the festival a few counties over that is a Spot Festival only those are fish.. Ok enough of that, on to the garden stuff..

Customers tell me all the time that they would love to have a garden but for this reason or another they can't. I say it is possible.

 Do you have bad soil? Check out my post on Strawbale Gardening. You'll only need a bit of space and you can grow all kinds of things.

Not much space but okay soil? Try Growing Up^. There are all kinds of plants that need a small amount of ground to grow in but can be trained to grow up and leave you space for the kids and the dog. Have about 6 square foot. Check out Square Foot Gardening.

Only have a balcony? I still have ideas for you. We have friends that have a local nursery and they have gotten smart about helping the apartment dwellers in the area. They are planting cucumbers and squash in hanging baskets. Then there are those Topsy Turvey tomato planters, I haven't had much luck with them because like any other hanging basket they dry out quickly. You can also do great things with vegetables in pots. My mom plants all of her "winter" crops, like butternut squash and spinach in pots. Let them trail out, just watch your step.  Window sills too make great places for herbs and micro greens!

Clever idea: gutter veggie garden
You can make horizontal gardens with Gutters. Image:Lifehaker.com.au

fresh vegetables bottle garden :: vertical gardening :: FineCraftGuild.com
Make Vertical Gardens inside or out by recycling plastic bottles.

There are tons of ideas out there for growing your own foods but I'll finish with a project that my daughter and I are working on for her. She's vegan and wants to grow her own food but doesn't have a ton of time to take care of a garden. We are making pallet gardens for her deck. They don't require weeding, are easy to water, easy to harvest and you can get a big variety in a small space. Plus she's counting on us to supplement her during the winter with canned and frozen variety..lol
We're working on an A frame type, that will have herbs and vegetables. Ours is in the works
but we are taking pointers  from friends of ours who own a nursery. I've been taking pictures as we go so check back soon to see how ours is working out!

This is Carolina Seasons Garden Center's idea of a Herb Garden

When it comes to gardens, you can say where there is a will there is a way. It doesn't matter what level of green or brown thumb you happen to have, you can have some sort of garden to be proud of. Vegetables always taste better straight from the garden. Thanks for hanging in there with me for this crazy month of blogging from A to Z. I'll be back Tuesday with "Y" and how to have a year-round garden!