Friday, April 24, 2015

Umbrella Market

So I'm using today's letter "U" for something that's coming up soon for us! It's that time of year again, Markets are getting started all over and we'll be attending an Umbrella Market in Uptown Greenville again this year. Sorry I had all kinds of ideas for the letter U but I keep coming back to the Umbrella Market thing. I guess it's just what's taking up so much of my brain space

What's an Umbrella Market? It's in the same category as farmer's markets but it's open to more than just farms. The one we attend has all kinds of vendors, from handcrafted items to plant sales and frozen treats. They also have local talent and kid's events. It's like a small festival downtown every Wednesday night for during late spring and summer.

We set up in a parking lot in a revitalized down town area, and this year there could be as many as 70 vendors! We sell a large variety of items, from canned goods to homemade puppy cookies, from crocheted items and veggies from our farm. And of course I can't forget the farm fresh eggs, they are always a huge hit.

This Market is getting ready to start and I've been busy, promoting it on facebook and other mediums. I've ordered bags this year for our favorite customers..and we'll have some to sell too. I wish I had a picture to show of the proof but my graphics department is running a bit slow..( I'm really not complaining since he works with me and does it for free..) They should be here soon so I'll be able to use them for another post. See he really is helping me out!

Our weather has been really great lately warm days and cooler nights so it's getting everyone in the mood to visit the markets. Head out this weekend, I know our local farmers markets are opening this weekend, and we plan on stopping by a couple to visit and browse.

Not sure where to find out about your local market? Check out Local Harvest and Soil Mate, hopefully you'll find more than one in your area. I always enjoy visiting new markets and seeing how they set up and I can always find something that I just can't live with out!

Here's our Puppy Cookie Display at a fundraiser for a local animal organization. 

This isn't the Umbrella Market but it was our First Festival of 2015. I'm getting geared up and ready to go. I hope you guys have a great weekend and have a chance to get out and meet a local farmer!

Between your travels, check back in on Saturday for the letter V and we'll talk abut something dirty!
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