Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Eggers

It sounds like I'm a day late for the holiday but it's something totally different. Easter Eggers is a name for a group of chickens that don't really fall into a certain category of chicken. They are a bit of a mixed breed but one that has a strange gene that causes them to lay a colored egg. Not a brown egg, that is a color too but their's can range from green to pink. They did get their name from the coloring of their eggs looking like an Easter Egg.
Not all of these are from our Easter Eggers but you can see the range of colors we get! From light blue to a pink. Others we have lay almost a green or olive color.

My favorite thing about them is that not only are the eggs colorful they are too. I like to have a lot of variety in our flock and these always fit the bill. They can be dark, or light, white, grey or brown. They are always different and that goes for their personality also. They are very good in flocks, and are good with children too. Ours are very friendly and are often picked up and carried around the yard. 
One of our Rhode Island hens snuck into this picture but you can see the variations on these young birds.

These are two variations of the colors available

You might also see them called Ameraucanas but not all Easter Eggers are Ameraucanas. To be officially in this category they must meet certain requirements but to me I'm in it for the colors and eggs these aren't show birds. 

They are great layers, good for small flocks and have tons of personality. Some have a green colored legs, ear tufts or beards. This type of chicken will always stand out in a crowd! They can be hard to find at our local farmers supply because they are so popular and they go fast when a shipment comes in. If you are looking for a couple of chickens for your backyard these are the ones I'd suggest. 

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