Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Micro-greens and Sprouts

Today in the A to Z Challenge the letter of the Day is "M". I'm using it for something I have really been interested in doing on a larger scale on our farm, Micro Greens. After all we have a greenhouse that doesn't get much use in the summer. Time to put it to work!

What is a Micro Green you ask? It's the first sprouts from a seeds, the tiny leaves  that contain so much nutrients and used in Salads, as additions to Sandwiches, stir-fry and even as garnish. It can be many different types of seeds such as normal salad greens to Sunflower seeds.
From the Website Microgreen Garden

Growing Micro Greens can be done on a large scale or in your window sill. It's rewarding with a quick harvest cycle, nutritional and best of all easy. If you have picked up on this new trend you'll know they aren't cheap when you can find them at your local market. That's another reason to grown them at home. Since they are harvested at just 10 to 14 days they can be sown very close together, so it doesn't take up much room to grow.

Harvesting is easy too, once the first true leaves are out you can snip them right at the soil level. No need to pull the roots, they are tiny too, just leave them in the container for a good organic boost for your next seeding.

Thinking about starting your own? There are some great sites for buying seeds and other supplies but it can be as easy as picking up seeds locally and using an old clean berry container. They already have the holes in the bottom for drainage and they are a great size. Plus this time of year who doesn't have them laying around.

Look for Your favorite greens, like cabbage, kale, mustard, or spinach. Or try something different, like beets, basil or radish, All will make great sprouts.

We'll be working right along with you this spring getting these little guys started and enjoying our harvests!

Check back in a bit and I'll make sure to post an update on our progress. But first check back on Thursday for the Letter N and Natural Bug pest control and repellents. It's all part of the A to Z Challenge for Bloggers. Check out the huge list of bloggers participating, there is surely something for everyone! I've found a few great ones, I'll be following right along with you!