Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Some quick meeting baking

I grew up with a Grandmother who baked every day, biscuits, pies, breads and cakes. Once my little one came along I picked it up and baked weekly breads and weekend treats, then as she got older and busier it fell by the wayside.

I have been making a loaf of white or sourdough breads occasionally and of course for the holidays we do a lot of different baking. And don't forget the dog cookies, that's baking too. 

But I've decided that I want to do better and pick it back up again. So I had a Girl Scout Leader meeting scheduled for Tuesday night, and I thought I would bake them a treat. I checked around to see what I had available, we always have whole wheat flour in bulk, (Thanks Tidal Creek) and I had a few Bananas that we're heading to the dark side, so Banana Bread it is.

After some quick clicking in Pintrest, I found this awesome Upside Down Banana Bread. Great instructions, easy and it looks a little on the fancy side, so it's a winner.

Here's my version without the caramel sauce, I was making it almost a day ahead so I didn't want it to be too moist. I'll be making it again that for sure!

Yes, that's a 1970 something plate under that awesome bread. I have a bunch of these plates from my Grandmother, I figure if they survived us as children they should be more than sturdy for my house, and I enjoy using them especially when baking, I know she'd approve.

Thanks to the weather my meeting was canceled so my office had a nice surprise this morning. Now that I'm back in the swing of baking I think we will be adding some fruit breads and other breads and rolls to our markets this summer. 

If your stuck inside today, check your pantry and bake up something fun!