Thursday, February 19, 2015

Seeing a little green..

Here are a few of Mother Nature's works in progress that we have going right now. We always start our plants but this year we are adding a few more to the list. We have a local florist that would like to have a few veggie plants to sell this year. It's a small rural community after all. I'd personally take a nice Kale plant (or some yarn) over roses any day!
They don't look like much now but give them a week or two and they'll be real plants! It's keeping us busy with the new demand and the extended variety but I've been ready to get my hands back into the dirt. It's a great day when you get noticeable result from all of your hard work. We'll be starting seeds for another month or so, and I'm ready to get that greenhouse done, so they can move out there and really take off!