Monday, February 16, 2015

Finally Rebuilding

I normally say that January is my down month. My month to recover from the Holiday season, no sales to attend, no crazy demands on my time, a time when I get to sit back and relax so I can gear up for the crazy mess to start all over.. Some how I missed that this year.

We had a lot more warmer days than cold this January and we've used it to try and get ahead of the yard and garden work. Which seems to have been a good decision, seeing how February is now way colder than usual. We might even get snow tonight, not much but it doesn't take much to completely shut us down. Eastern NC is just not prepared for snow, hurricanes, sure we've got that, but an errant flake can send us flailing to the grocery store for bread and milk!

Last year we lost our greenhouse in a Micro burst storm. Craziest thing ever,  That afternoon started when  I went out to gather up some veggies and try to corral the girls, since they were calling for a thunderstorm and you know the saying about "being madder than a wet hen". The Chow and I were out in the garden and all of a sudden it gets super dark and then whoosh, this gust comes out of no where and almost flattens me, along with the garden. I jump up looking for my helper and he's run for the hills, (actually it was the back door but same difference, it was away from the Then I hear Chris saying what happened and he's pointing to the back... something was way wrong but it took my brain a minute to figure it out. The Green house was gone.. well not gone but compacted and moved...

It could have been much worse, there are bees just to the left of where it landed. The weeds in the foreground are camouflage for the girls and an area where they can wander while being barred from the garden. Thankfully it was mid summer, and it was empty. After it was all cleaned up this is what we kept.
 They'll make a great arbor for the kiwi vines that are taking over. Having a green house land on them didn't do them any harm, in fact I think it spurred on the growth.
Now getting to the January work, this is the start of the new, frame is almost completely up now, just waiting on a semi warm day to get the plastic on.
We've got sprouts ready to go in and all kinds of new ideas for the upcoming season. I'm ready to see it completed, since I already have a bunch of WIPs waiting for me, crochet, gardening and otherwise. Be on the look out for green house updates and garden news in the coming weeks, if the weather cooperates..