Sunday, March 1, 2015

Book Weekend

I'm so ready for spring, I'm not asking for 100 degree days but sunshine and 75 would be wonderful!

I'm ready to get the garden started too. We have about a dozen flats started for tomatoes and peppers and I might have gone a bit over board this year with seeds but we hope to really expand the garden this year. and on that note I did a bit of research and found a few books that i hope will help.

The first is straw bale gardening. When you don't have a huge amount of workable land you do the next best thing, go up or create new environments for growing. We are lucky enough to be in an area that has easy access to cheap local straw bales. Here's the first load we've brought home. Did I mention we are ready?

Straw Bale Gardens  is the first book that came in and I've skimmed it and we've got an area picked out and I'm trying to figure out if we'll mulch in between or use cardboard. We'll also need a good amount of organic fertilizer for a good price to get them started, that's on the list for next weekend.

Since I really wanted to maximize my small spaces I also ordered this:
Great Garden Companions, I actually found it at the library, which is rare for our library, it's kinda small, and enjoyed it so I decided to order it. It has all kinds of great ideas not only about companion planting, but what to plant together to ward off bugs and which plants work together for a healthier garden with out chemicals, Which is always a challenge at out house. the chickens do what they can but they just can't get them all.

And the last one, just o help keep the seasons straight, and to help me plan for that fall/winter garden that I hope to add this year. Backyard Harvest,
I think it will help us get the most in the ground at the right times and then help plan ahead to make sure we make the most of the area we have by stretching the seasons in the same spaces. Beautiful photography and written for any level of gardener. 

Today is damp, grey and chilly, so I'm probably jumping the gun a bit but it doesn't hurt to dream about (and plan for) warmer days.

Do you have a favorite Gardening/Farm magazine or book? Let me know I'm always on the look out for my next favorite book!