Sunday, February 22, 2015

Other peoples junk

We wandered out to a local auction this weekend and came home with a few more items than we left with. I spent January cleaning out boxes left over from the move seven years ago, along with other items we just didn't need. So it's a bit ironic that we are now dragging more stuff back home.

Have no fear we do have ideas for the majority of the items..I don't know if it's a blessing or curse that we feel we are a bit crafty..

I've mentioned that we will be selling a few bedding plants at a local florist this spring and we had been thinking about display options. Then we see this and it's in rough shape but for 3.00 we couldn't pass it up. The frame is in great shape and with some modifications and our logo it's will be super cute and mobile.

This was in the boxlots and I got them all for a couple of dollars. They are old baking powder bottles, I think they'll clean up great. I have grand ideas of bath salts and other crafts for them. 

I also picked up a quilting frame, still in the original Sears box. I think it's twin size which will work great for baby size quilts and the amount of floor space I have available for it. Hopefully I'll be able to show a quilt in process on it soon. 5.00 was way too good to pass up, if only for historical value.

I also picked up a few glass "vases" for super cheap. They are on the round and squat size but I  think they would work great for forcing bulbs or a small herb garden. So I'm adding another work in progress to my list.