Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cat Traps

I know you have all see the pictures of boxes "catching" cats. If you have have a cat or two you know how much they really love bags, boxes and anything else they can hide in.

I submit these pictures to show that paper bags and boxes aren't the only domain of cats.

You can often find Yoda napping in a nursery pot.
 Lucky for him we keep a few around for the green house. 
Silly guy is wedged in but it obviously makes for a great sleeping spot.

Sisi, one of our Daughter's cats has found a great hiding space.
How she ever figured out that this would be a great napping place is beyond me.

We have cats who love boxes, others that sleep with the chickens in the coop, and another who spends all day laying on the water barrel in the garden. Do your cats have a strange or creative space to sleep?