Monday, March 23, 2015

Theme Reveal for A to Z Challenge

Have you heard about the A to Z Challenge for Blogs? It starts on April 1st, really no fooling, and it runs the entire month. The deal is that you will post a blog every day but Sunday, they do give you a bit of a break. And here's the kicker.. Each day has a corresponding Letter, the 1st is A, 2nd is B and so on. As if that wasn't crazy enough they also have an additional Challenge to stay within a theme.

Not only have I decided to join the 1044 bloggers who signed up this year but I also signed up to do the Theme. Today is the BIG and this is my post to give you a sneak peak at what the month of April will look like on CluckCluckBuzz.

I'm planning on talking about something near and dear to my heart.. nah it's not a whole month of the Abbey Doo but it's one of my other passions. Small Scale Farming/Gardening and all of the joy, headaches and craziness it entails. It's in the planning stages still but I hope to have some recipes, practices, gardening tips, lots of pictures and perhaps some information on other local farms.

There will be the obligatory chicken pictures, maybe the dogs or cats being cute but we are also hoping for new sprouts, tips that we hope help your garden and other great ideas.

I have plenty of letters still open so if you have a question or would like to know more about something plant, dirt or chicken wise speak up and you might just see an answer here!

Be sure to click over to the sign up list and see all the great bloggers who have signed up! You might find your new favorite blog, it could even be mine!

Thanks for coming along on this crazy challenge with me, I look forward to a fun and busy month!