Sunday, July 26, 2015

Family Outing Day

It's been a crazy couple of weeks, harvesting, canning and crafts, not to mention markets and marketing too. Did I mention we both also have full time jobs other than the farm...
So since our fuzzy kids have felt a big neglected we decided to was time to take a quick trip out to the pond. It's been too hot for much outdoor activity for them so they were ready to go!

Abbey and Kama Immediately set off  exploring.. Ness must have been in the shade.

Abbey spotted the fish and decided to wade in. She doesn't go much farther than this. So much for labs being water dogs. She is the only one who really likes to splash around, Ness is also part lab but no water for her, thank you very much. Kama is mostly Chow and he is convinced that he will melt if gotten wet. No rain, dew or bath is safe in his opinion.

I saw this while we were walking around the waters edge. I'd say this area has the dogprint stamp of Actually it's a "Cypress Knee" as we call them, they come in all shape and sizes but this was an interesting shape. Normally they are pointy and thin. I'm not sure if anyone know why Cypress trees send out these protrusions but there are all kinds of ideas from all kinds of people. 

Here's a few more picture of the area for you, we love to take the furkids out to run and play but we've been so busy lately they haven't had much of a chance. Do you have a special place for your "kids". Also I'll have an update soon the Ducklings who are not so little anymore..

If you are looking for crafts check out my other blog Everything But A Moose.

This dragonfly keep Kama busy for a while, he really wanted to sniff it (or eat it) but it was out over the water and he wouldn't chance it..

I'm always a fan of Mother Nature, can't go one way she'll try another. 
Tree falls over, that's fine it can always change directions..

I thought I might had caught a couple of the little fish that were hanging around in moss, I know they are there just can't quite see them,,