Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Figs are on!

And they are taking up all of my spare time. Not that I normally have much but I do have a couple of other projects I'd like to work on this week.

And I'm not the only one who has realized they are on.Anyone have a good recommendation for getting rid of June Bugs or Japanese Beatles for those of you not in the south?

These monsters have found the fig tree and are swarming. The tree is rather huge and I really don't mind sharing a fig or 5 or 6 with them but when you are below them picking and you wiggle the branch they all fly out and inevitably some will run into you and at least once during each picking, one will get into my hair and I'll just say the outcome isn't pretty for either one of us..They all bunch up on one fig, which I should be grateful for since there are so many hanging around this year. I have those bait bags but they have an attractant in them. I don't need to attract any more. I wonder perhaps if my neighbors down the road would mind if I put a few bags up at their house? 

June Bugs aren't our only guests, we have plenty of crows, wasps, spiders, and butterflies. Some of these I mind more than others. 
This guy is okay, I think he wanders back and forth from the front yard butterfly bush to the back and the figs. Maybe I should put out one of those shallow basins for butterflies to drink from. I have seen quite a variety of them but only when I don't have a camera handy. Of course.

This is one of the nasty visitors, I'm hoping the birds won't fill up on fruit and decide to have a bit of a wasp side dish to round out their dinner.

This guy I saw last night and he is always welcome! 
In fact this is an open invitation to bring his friends!

So I'm going from this to..
This.. Strawberry Fig Jam among other flavors. So I guess it's almost worth bugs in your hair..

Hope you're having a really great week, check back soon for Duckling Updates, Fall Garden ideas and an easy fruit butter recipe!