Monday, July 6, 2015

Hello World, We're here!

It's been a very busy month and I haven't totally ignored posting, I do have ideas,it's just getting the the chance to put them into words. I do have an update from last month's post Chickens are Strange.

If you remember one of our chickens, Matilda became very broody and was determined to hatch a bucket of pecans. We have friends that have ducks and while they are all about fertilizing eggs, no one was interested in the hatching part. So we pimped out  volunteered Matilda to be the incubator.

She did a great job, sat a whole 26 days in the crazy heat we've had, put up with us rubbing her every time we walked by, with cats sticking their noses in her space and you have to admit she had to have some cramped toes.

Then on Sunday we were coming back from the garden and we see this little yellow head poking out. After a couple of seconds of excitement we congratulate ourselves and of course the chicken and decide we need to get her and the peep in a better spot. I start hunting up a tote and when I get back there is another head poking out. Another round of giggling ensues, me not Chris, although he is excited.

 She's been a really good sport about the whole process, and I don't have a bit of problems getting her out of the bucket and into the tote. Que more excitement, there are two more fresh from hatching under her. She's done it, she hatched all four duck eggs!!

Yes those are little ducks and their momma chicken!

Everyone is doing great and the babies are splashing up a storm in the water dish. We decided that since she put so much effort into the hatching, it would be a good idea for her to keep them until they have feathers at least. I hate to take them away now, but they will be going back to their original family and get to be ducks, well at least two will... I think we might barter for two for Matilda. We'll see how it goes, she might be ready to see them move along in a

Be prepared for cute duckling videos or pictures at the very least coming soon..