Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Hunt is on!

So I have a Meeting on Thursday for a group of Daisies that are joining my troop. I have all of their paperwork, Intro for the cookie business and other forms already to go. My issue is the craft that they will work on while I talk to mom and dad.

I thought I'd do something simple, something that they could take home with them. Ah Ha! Pony Bead Candy Canes, I remember making these when I was little and I think we still have the ones we made when E was little. And it only takes a few supplies, Ribbon, pipe cleaners, beads. Surely in this mess I have those. So I dug around in the craftroom and I found Ribbon.. Check that off, Pipe Cleaners.. yep check those off, Beads.. white ones right here.. red? red?.. nope.

So I had some other errands to run so I stopped by Micheals, out.. tried JoAnne's.. nope.. 2 Walmarts in different towns.. nada.

WHAT.. has there been a run on Red Pony Beads!? Are they the craft du jour for the zombie apocalypse? Are they not making another batch of red dye #6? I know it's the holidays but I'm not looking for red pom poms for Rudolph's nose, (which I did get the last bag of at Micheal's, sorry).

Chris says don't panic you can get them off of Amazon. Really? He must have an underlying  reason for saying that. I'll have to check the account and see what he's trying to get and just needs a bit more to get free shipping..

I'll figure this out. I do have until Thursday. I'm not panicking, yet anyway. It's only beads they have to be somewhere right?  Ask me on Wednesday and we'll see how I'm doing,..