Friday, December 19, 2014

Ideas for the Next Year

I'd call them resolutions but just the thought of that makes my skin itch. So I'm leaving it open ended and calling it Ideas. I'm a bit overwhelmed with the holiday rush so I'm trying to be proactive and think beyond so I'll have something positive to look forward to.

I'm also have a problem with making lists so I'll list these and then I'll be able to refer back and see what I haven't accomplished in the New Year!

1. Move the Treadmill to the Shop (It's a Barn really we're in the south on a farm after all,but he doesn't like that term), so that I can actually use it. If I use it in the house, the Chocolate dog wants to run too and I'm a bit afraid of broken legs, mine and hers. Just close her out in the hallway you say? Doesn't work. She'll stand out there and Howl like her heart is breaking, and It breaks mine, so moving it out is the only option..

2. Organize the Craft Room so I can get back there and tackle some projects. At least hang those awesome curtains and lay down the super cute rug.. Oh and make room for a dog bed. It all comes back to her doesn't it..

3. Work on some of those projects that I was talking about
  A. E was born a bit early (8 weeks to be exact) almost 25 years ago and I thought it would be nice to make some blankets for a Neonatal Center. I totally get the stress of waiting and watching others go right home. Having something homemade for her might have helped me a bit. I checked and the hospital we were in still don't do this but I have found a few that do. I'll be happy to spread them around. My goal is 25 in her honor but It might not hit that in the few months I have available.

   B. Get some of the quilting done on the blanket I started for E!. Might make a good Bday present.and boy should she be shocked to get it..

  C. Work ahead on projects for this Fall, so I'm not trying to put together inventory at the last minute..That will also shock people..I might even get more sales that way..hmmm

  D. Finish that damn Cross Stitch "Moose Welcome". It's been in the works so long the Moose may have wandered off.

4.Don't get involved in another CAL. It's already too late for that one I just saw the Moogly Crochet along. I have a coupon for Micheal's for this weekend. Might just have to go pick up some colors because the living room will be minus a treadmill and I can add a love seat in there.

5. Do some landscaping (cut back the overgrown weeds and bushes) if you want to get into the Counties' Master Gardener program.

6. Actually start working in the garden before it's the last minute, so I can enjoy it, I don't enjoy spreading horse and alpaca poop at any time but if it's cooler that makes it a bit better. That goes ditto for starting seeds in the greenhouse.

7. Take some time to do some pottery. A couple hours a week helps get those mugs out and the table set finished. Then I won't have to fight off those people who are always after MY personal mug, they'll have their own.

8. Find a charity or an organization that needs a little help. Our county is sorely lacking in everything but they are also lacking in organizations that want to help.

9. Work on being happier in my surroundings, remember that poor planning on their part doesn't constitute an emergency on my part. And I am responsible for my well being and happiness.

10. Spend more time outside, walking the dog, smelling the flowers, Posting to my blog reading in the sun, taking pictures, and make sure to  do one thing every day that makes me and someone else happy.

How many of these will I accomplish.. I hope a majority of them. I thought that 2014 was going to be a great year. I was very very wrong. I'm not as optimistic about this year but I'm working at what is best for me and that's all I can do. Hopefully things will fall into place, even if it's an extended time frame. Something is better than nothing.

Have you been thinking about the new year or are you just trying to get thru the holidays and then you'll worry about the rest? Are you one that never ever makes a resolution or are you in the majority crowd that makes them but they seem to fall off near March..?