Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I just wanted to post a quick Hello and say Thanks for stopping by today and all through the year!
I hope your holiday is exactly the way you like it, filled with family and food or just a few friends and snacks. Thanksgiving means something different to everyone.

No matter what kind of meal you sit down to today from Carnivore to Herbivore I ask that you say a Thank You to the farmers that ensure that we have the feast before us. While we are definitely on the small side (maybe mirco side) of farming we know exactly what it takes to get up and get it done every day and they are the unsung heroes of the food cycle.

 To all Farmers, big and small we send out an extra special Thanks for keeping the farming traditions alive and well here and abroad. We appreciate your hard work and wish you a Happy Holiday season!

Move along nothing to see here.. just a chicken hiding from the poultry centered holiday...