Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Book Review - The Broad Fork

If you have ever visited your local farmer's market and seen strange vegetables that you think you'd love to try but just not sure what in the world you would do with it, I've got a cook book for you.

It's The Broad Fork, written by Hugh Acheson, who is famous in our house as a judge on Top Chef.  I admit we often  give lame advice and recipe recommendations at the local markets we attend, and I apologize for not encouraging those that are new to the different vegetables that we grow. We have done you a disservice. But no longer. We'll be doing better this fall, we're recommending The Broad Fork!

My main complaint with cook books, other than I could never make dinner look as good as they do, is that vegetables and fruits often take a sideline. And if you can find a recipe for them you really have to search. This book is organized by season and by vegetables. So like now we are heading into fall and you've got Brussel Sprouts, I generally tell people they are great roasted. But this book has 5 recipes, yes 5,  that I would have never come up with. Brussels Sprouts Risotto, seriously? I can't wait to try it. 

Not only are the recipes easy to follow and the book has ease of  navigation but the layout makes it hard not to add to your list of coffee tables books. The photography is by Rinne Allen , and I love that he went local with that too. Keep in mind he's living in Georgia and the seasonal timelines are from there but the foods can be found any where. Just check out the cover, you'll see what I mean!

So I can say that I got a copy of this for free from Blogging for books but I have bought a couple as presents for friends and family for the holidays. I'd recommend checking it out, before your next trip to the market. You might just find something special for your holiday cooking and help out a local farmer too!